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Contact Information:
Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Policy Planning and Regional Development Department, International Affairs Bureau, International Policy Division (福岡県企画・地域振興部国際局国際政策課)
TEL: +81-92-643-3214

From Fukuoka’s Event

The 13th
2021 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition

Dear Ruby Enthusiasts,
The Government of Fukuoka, Japan together with “Matz” Matsumoto would like to invite you to enter the following Ruby competition. If you have developed an interesting Ruby program, please be encouraged to apply here.

Matz and a group of panelists will select the winners of the Fukuoka Competition. The grand prize for the Fukuoka Competition is 1 million yen. Past grand prize winners include Rhomobile (USA) and APEC Climate Center (Korea).
You can check the past award history here.

Programs entered in the competition do not have to be written entirely in Ruby but should take advantage of the unique characteristics of Ruby. Projects must have been developed or completed within the past 12 months to be eligible.

Matz will be testing and reviewing your source code thoroughly, so it’s very meaningful to apply! The competition is free to enter.


Title: 2021 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition
Grand Prize: Million Yen!
Entry Deadline: December 4, 2020
Entry Form: Online
Official Website:
Sponsors: Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee, Fukuoka Prefectural Government
Support: Ruby Association

mruby 3.0 Introductory Webinar (Trailer) – Coming Winter 2020

H/F Speakers Series – OMG It’s Matz! – Ruby Founder Yukihiro Matsumoto – Oct 1, 2015

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Discover Fukuoka Prefectural Products!

Enjoy Fukuoka’s products and services!


THIS is how you do ramen at home! Make your own bowl of ICHIRAN ramen with our Take-Home Ramen Kits! Experiment with flavors and add your own twist to our famous tonkotsu ramen with your favorite toppings. Available only at our online store.
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There are many Fukuoka products! The 4th campaign of “Fukuoka Web Products Exhibition” has started on Rakuten Ichiba!!

  • Campaign Period: From 10:00 on 9/1 to 9:59 on 9/23. (Japan time)
  • You can get a maximum of 30% discount on eligible products (processed foods, crafts, etc.) using coupons (Only the first 80,000 coupons)!

You can purchase agricultural, forestry and marine products from Fukuoka Prefecture such as Hakata Wagyu and flowers at a special price.

  • The campaign will end when the sales target (100 million yen) is reached.
  • Discount applies only to products posted on special pages.

Let’s Support Fukuoka

We support people, business, education and life in Fukuoka.

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Fukuoka’s Delicious Foods!

The Best Foods of Fukuoka
Source: Teddy Robinson
Wondering what to eat? We’re here to show you the Must Eat Foods of Fukuoka. From Hamburgers to Ramen and back, Teddy Robinson’s Cooking Show has it all!!

Snapshot Fukuoka

Beautiful Town, Ocean, Mountain and Best Feast.

We Love Fukuoka!

We pick up and introduce people who enjoy in Fukuoka from YouTube.

Fukuoka Kenjinkai

The 10th Worldwide Fukuoka Kenjinkai Convention

A Kenjinkai is an association of people from the same prefecture. Every three years since 1992, Fukuoka Kenjinkai have been held overseas, where members come together to share information from around the world and strengthen ties with their home prefecture, Fukuoka. For the first time in 6 years, Fukuoka Prefecture hosted the 10th Worldwide Convention.

The Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region

The Sacred Island of Okinoshima

The island of Okinoshima is located sougonnni in the ocean between Japan and Korea, and since ancient times people have been awed and offered prayers to the deity of the island for maritime safety.
80,000 offerings discovered on the island is designated as a National Treasure. As even landing on the island has been prohibited, the strict taboos have preserved archaeological ritural sites on the island almost intact over a millennium.

In three shrines of Munakata Taisha, located in the islands of Okinshima, Oshima and Kyushu, faith in the Three Female Deities of Munakata that was originated in the worship for Okinoshima has been passed down until today. From Okitsu-miya Yohaisho on Oshima, we can worship Okinoshima from afar. And Shimbaru-Nuyama Mounded Tomb Group is the evidence of people who nurtured the tradition of worshipping the sacred island.
The Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region was inscribed on the World Heritage List in July, 2017.


Japanese Traditional Craft in Fukuoka

Present Day Breath-taking Craftsmanship

Hakata Ningyo dolls allow you to feel the original warmth of the clay in the unglazed bisque coloring. Its appearance can be beautiful, fierce, sometimes funny, while giving off a gentle aura. And the craftsman gives it a soul, with an appearance so life like that you expect it to start moving at any moment. Beginning with the “genkei,” or prototype, which is made through repeating the concept and drawing and which decides the form of the doll, to the “saishiki,” which is the coloring of the doll, “menso” which gives facial expression, etc. the Hakata Ningyo doll is the crystallization of superior skill and generous labor.

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Hakataori cloth has a history of more than 770 years. It is said that its roots are from the Hakata merchants who brought the technique back with them from Song Dynasty China. The characteristic thick, tightly woven cloth is made by driving strong weft threads into many warp threads and has continued to be loved as the cloth used in obi sashes for kimono and yukata (cotton summer kimono) since long ago. In 1600, this special fabric was chosen by the first lord of the Chikuzen Fukuoka clan as an offering to the shogun. Because of this history, even now, the traditional pattern of Hakataori cloth is called “Kenjo-gara,” meaning “offering pattern,” and, as a symbolic pattern of the Hakata area, you can see it used in various places around town.

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Business and Conference in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has a surprisingly high GDP comparable to both Ireland and Czech Republic, with well-established firm ties to the rapidly expanding markets in East Asia.

From Fukuoka Internet TV

Protect yourself and prevent the spread of diseases

The basic measures against infectious disease, as well as the novel coronavirus, are washing hands and “coughing manners” including wearing a mask. For more information from Fukuoka Prefectural Government, please click here.

Get the latest information from the CDC about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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Fukuoka’s Events: Hakata Gion Yamakasa

Source: Matsuri in Kyushu
Hakata Gion Yamakasa is a dedicatory Shinto ritual of Kushida Shrine, which has been held for over 770 years and takes place between July 1st and 15th every year.

The official registration of Yamakasa on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List on December 1st 2016 has seen more people than ever take an interest in Hakata Gion Yamakasa.

From The Organising Committee of the 19th FINA World Championships 2021 Fukuoka

19th FINA World Championships 2021 Fukuoka

Date: 16 July – 1 August 2021

In January 2016, it was decided at the International Swimming Federation (FINA) Bureau meeting that the 2021 FINA World Championships would be held in Fukuoka. This will be the second time in 20 years the city will play host to the event since the 2001 World Championships, which was the first ever Championships to be staged in Asia.

The FINA World Championships 2021 Fukuoka utilises the compact urban structure of Fukuoka and strives to maximise the value of the event through the city’s unique layout. It will save time on travel for athletes to liven up the event, and efficiently run the competition by utilising special temporary pools, aggregate venues and market streets.
Moreover, the event aims to create an innovative and easy-to-follow tournament by working with local technology companies to use the latest technology.

About Us

Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA) provides free expansion and relocation assistance and partner matching services to companies throughout North America interested in taking advantage of the market opportunities in Western Japan. FCOCA is a division of the Government of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and our services are completely FREE.

We can arrange partnerships, help you initiate business transactions, and introduce your products or services to Fukuoka-based companies. We can also assist you with locating the suitable office space, personnel, and professional services needed to expand your business in Western Japan. Financial incentives are also available to qualifying companies.