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Kazuaki Tanaka, Kyushu Institute of Technology at Fukuoka Ruby Night at Twitter on October 17, 2012
Kazuaki Tanaka Kazuaki Tanaka, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology

In addition to lecturing on programming, databases, and embedded systems, Professor Tanaka conducts research on embedded, real-time robot control and information security. He is currently involved in research and development efforts with Ruby inventor Matz, seeking to apply Ruby to the development of embedded systems with the goal of releasing Ruby Lite (Rite VM) as an open source project by April 2012.

2012 Fukuoka Ruby Nights at Twitter – The New World of Ruby
Date: October 17, 2012
Venue: Twitter
Address: 1355 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Organizers: Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA)Jeanine Swatton: Senior Lecturer, Silicon Valley University & Santa Clara University
Supporter: Japan External Trade Organization, Twitter, LinkedIn, Magnet Agency