Fukuoka Prefectural Government has announced the winners of Fukuoka Ruby Award on February 21, 2012.

The grand prize went to Matsukei Co., Ltd., from Shimane, Japan, and the first ever Engine Yard Award went to a gene information platform by Manycolors Inc. The ceremony will be held at the 2012 Fukuoka Ruby Forum on February 23, and John Dillon, CEO at Engine Yard Inc. and Derek Collison, the former CTO Cloud Application Platforms at VMware Inc. who is the winner of Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby Leadership Award, will give keynote speeches at the event.

On February 24, Fukuoka Ruby, together with Internet Initiative Japan Inc., holds a panel discussion including Mr. Dillion, Mr. Collison, and “Matz”, moderated by Ken Nishimura, Deputy Editor at ITmedia.