The competition received a total of 48 entries 4 countries. As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, seven Special Company Awards, three Special Awards, and five Fukuoka Innovator Awards were given.
  • Grand Prize:
  • Ruby Programming Shounendan: Develops and Uses Smalruby
    Ruby Programing Shonen-dan (Shimane)
    We developed Smalruby, an educational tool for programming with Ruby. We have also formed the Ruby Programming Shounendan, which aims to function like a junior sports program focused on programming with Ruby.
Ruby Programing Shonen-dan
  • Outstanding Performance Awards:
  • “Did you mean?” Experience in Ruby
    Yuki Nishijima (Chiba)
    A library for Ruby that implements a “Did you mean?” function. Allows developers to speed up their problem solving in the event of a mistype by anticipating the method and class they meant to reference and including it in the error message.
  • Nyaplot: A General Data Visualization Library
    Naoki Nishida (Kyoto)
    Nyaplot is a graph drawing library for Ruby. Nyaplot allows students and researchers without knowledge of code writing to simply draw a variety of graphs in a web browser.
  • Developed Alone: An Embedded Application Framework
    Yuto Higashi (Shimane)
    Alone is an application framework for embedded systems in Ruby, which supports remote monitoring and control via web browser. Alone allows developers to build a stable system quickly and easily.
  • AWS Award:
  • Cloud Award:
  • Snitch (
    Yousef Ourabi (U.S.A.)
    “Snitch periodically and automatically audits an SSL certificate and the properties of the https (SSL/TLS ) connection for expiration, revocation, security vulnerabilities and best practices. Snitch helps businesses avoid down time that impacts their revenue and reputation.”
  • Engine Yard Award:
  • Git-Reflow
    Reenhanced, LLC. (U.S.A.)
    “Git Reflow – A simple git workflow, without the parts you don’t use.
    Use git reflow to automate the creation of branches and pull requests on github, github enterprise, and bitbucket. It will make sure every pull request receives a code review and provides a standard format for your commit messages on release. Designed for simplicity, reflow is the tool you wish existed.”
  • Paperboy Award:
  • Heroku Award:
  • IIJ GIO Award:
  • Trusterd: The Next Generation of HTTP/2 Web Server, Highly Functional, with Settings Programmable with mruby
    Ryosuke Matsumoto (Osaka)
    Trusterd is a fast, mruby action definable HTTP/2 Web server.
  • Yodlee Award:
  • Continuous Deployment for AWS “CloudNative Bakery”
    CloudNative, Inc. (U.S.A.)
    CloudNative simplifies running software in the cloud – flexibly, reliably, and securely. We give developers the benefits of expertly managed infrastructure, without taking control or visibility away from operations. By utilizing the best practices built into our services, companies free up valuable engineering resources, reduce operational risk, and save money.
  • Special Awards:
  • FrameMonkey Mobile App
    FrameMonkey (U.S.A)
    FrameMonkey is a new and innovative way to record and share memorable moments on your mobile device. Created by Liam Shalon, a successful 14 year old designer and entrepreneur, FrameMonkey capitalizes on the recent trend of GIFs. FrameMonkey will become the home and future of animations on the web. Liam’s vision is to revolutionize the way we share multimedia online.
  • mruby Integration for the Full-Text Search Engine Groonga
    Groonga Project (Tokyo)
    mruby embedded version of Groogna, a full-text search engine implemented in the C language and built in Japan, allowing core functions to be implemented with mruby. From now on, we hope to share the knowledge gained from this approach.
  • Fukuoka Innovator Awards:
The following were selected for promising efforts that contribute to the spread of Ruby in Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • App. by Qurate: The App-Making App
    Qurate (Fukuoka)