The competition received a total of 54 entries 9 countries. As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, three Special Company Awards, six Special Awards, and six Fukuoka Innovator Awards were given.
  • Grand Prize:
  • Enzi Pro Mini Marine Data System
    Manycolors Inc. (Fukuoka)

    The Enzi Pro Mini Marine Data System includes a marine data collection device (buoy) built on Enzi Pro Mini, a small mruby development board, and a Web-based data mining application. Intended for small- and medium-sized organizations operating fisheries or other marine businesses, the Enzi Pro Mini Marine Data System has enabled companies to improve hauls and reduce costs. The system was developed in cooperation with the laboratory of Professor Susumu Yamazaki, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Kitakyushu University.

  • Outstanding Performance Awards:
  • mod_mruby × ngx_mruby
    Ryosuke Matsumoto (Kyoto)

    Both mod_mruby and ngx_mruby use the embedded scripting language mruby to support expanded functionality for Web servers at high speeds and with minimal use of memory. mod_mruby and ngx_mruby were implemented for Apache and nginx using the same architecture.

  • Audiostock Music Crowdsourcing Platform
    CreoFuga, Inc. (Okayama)

    The music crowdsourcing platform Audiostock is a marketplace selling approximately 10,000 sound effects and background music files created by musicians all over the country. The need for such audio content for videos and games has grown with the spread of smartphones.

  • Special Awards: Engine Yard Award
  • Joruri Maps (integrated, Web-based Geographical Information System) Development and Application
    IDS Inc. (Tokushima), Information Systems Section, Planning and General Affairs Department, Tokushima Prefectural Government (Tokushima)

    Joruri Maps was developed as an integrated Web-based geographical information system. The system offers smartphone-compatible map services through a comprehensive map portal that layers various kinds of map data, including data from hazard maps and other maps managed by municipalities and of critical interest to local residents.

  • Special Awards: Heroku Award
  • Embedded, Host-based mruby Interactive Environment
    Koji Yoshioka (Nagano)

    This mruby expansion program coordinates mruby with a host machine and serial connected embedded systems to achieve a remote interactive environment on an embedded system with strict memory constraints. As it does not depend upon a certain embedded system, a broad array of applications are possible.

  • Special Awards: Paperboy Award
  • Code on Rmake Game-sharing Platform
    Rmake Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo)

    The Code on Rmake platform brings together an mruby-based gaming engine and a distribution server. The gaming engine enables the development of advanced games for smartphones and PCs using simple descriptions. The distribution server enables the sharing of source code and other material. Users can easily learn about, make and play games on the platform.

  • Special Awards:
  • Cisco Smart Software Licensing Platform
    Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.A)

    Cisco Systems’ Smart Software Licensing Platform is a solution for simplifying and standardizing the process for Cisco’s software product licensing. Using this solution will make it easier for Cisco’s clients to use Cisco’s software products and for Cisco to increase revenue and shorten development cycles.

    Matsukei Co., Ltd. (Shimane)

    This Web service provides a PDF generation Web API using Rails/ThinReports. After using the designer to create and register a template, users can obtain PDFs simply by submitting XML/JSON or other data using the Web API.

  • μOSv Cloud OS for mruby
    Takuya Asada (Tokyo)

    This OS is designed specifically for mruby scripts running on KVM and Xen on local machines as well as some VPS and IaaS services. It uses very few resources and has a fast start-up time.

  • JewelryJudgment Project Management System
    Community Creation (Tokyo), WACOM-IT Co., Ltd. (Shimane), IDS Inc. (Tokushima)

    This Web system helps small- and medium-sized vendors manage client projects. The system manages the business aspects of projects by tracking expenses and hours spent and also makes it possible to view the overall flow and progress of a project from anywhere.

  • Become an IT Ace!
    Become an IT Ace! Project Executive Committee of the Yokote Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Akita)

    This project provides a learning opportunity for individuals at all levels, from first-time programmers and people learning design to advanced practitioners and those interested in using the cloud in their work. The project uses Ruby on Rails and instructors in the cloud to provide practical training.

  • Fukuoka Innovator Awards:
The following were selected for promising efforts that contribute to the spread of Ruby in Fukuoka Prefecture.