VOL   65
SEP 2015

Connecting Fukuoka to the globe.


Researchers at the University of San Diego are experimenting with the “Microfish Robot” using 3D printing technology. If production of this robot can be completed, it will be able to enter human blood vessels to directly remove toxins or to administer drugs directly into the bloodstream.


»Butterfleye: Butterfleye is an intelligent home monitoring camera that activates upon detection of sound or movement. Notifications will be sent out only when activated. With no need to be connected to the internet, it can be totally portable.

»Techy: Techy is an on-demand laptop repair service that is rolling out in Washington DC. They have pick-up and delivery services, and same day completion on repairs can be expected. The services are currently planned to be launched in other cities.

»WellPath: WellPath provides necessary and personalized supplements for regular buyers through information from linked Fitbit devices.


Initiatives to raise customer satisfaction at Fukuoka Airport

Kyushu University and Fujitsu Laboratories have started a social verification process with Fukuoka Airport on the solution of issues associated with comfort and safety when the airport is crowded by using mathematical principles to raise traveler satisfaction.» More

Research Base opening at Kurume, Fukuoka [Daihatsu Motor]

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has opened the Daihatsu Group Kyushu Development Center adjacent to their engine manufacturing plant. Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. also began the construction of a development building within Fukuoka prefecture this February.» More

Kyushu to surpass over 1 million foreign visitors for the first time

The number of foreign visitors to Kyushu during January to June of this year has surpassed the 1 million mark for the first time. With the weak yen and expansion of duty free applicable merchandise, the number of visitors this year is expected to exceed 2 million, surpassing last year's visitor count of 1.6 million.» More

Toilet and bath museum to open within company premises [TOTO]

TOTO has opened the TOTO museum within their company premises in the city of Kitakyushu. Japan’s first bath module, developed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and used at the New Otani Hotel, is among the displays shown.» More

Robotics development for forestry support [Kyushu Institute of Technology]

The Kyushu Institute of Technology has set out to develop a robot that supports underbrush mowing, collaborating with the Oita prefecture forestry co-operative. The self-running robot will help support the hard physical work of underbrush mowing to lessen the work for laborers.» More

Okawa Furniture in Fukuoka to do a sales promotion [Amazon Japan]

Amazon Japan is launching the expansion of sales of Japan’s largest furniture manufacturer in Okawa, Fukuoka. The “Okawa Furniture Store” website opened last year and will expand its business relations with 50 companies this year, over a 70% increase.» More

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