Date: March 31th, 2019
Venue: Oto Town B&G Ocean Center
Address: 3090 Oto-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture 824-0512 Japan
Cost: General: 3,000 yen, High school students:1,000 yen, Under high school students: free
Organizer: Hana to Shijimi no Sato Oto Marathon Office

Hana to Shijimi no Sato Oto Marathon

The marathon follows the course of the former National Railway Soeda Line abandoned in 1985 (Showa 60). The course is flat and straight making it an enjoyable run! In addition to this, the course is lined on both sides with cherry blossom trees which are in full bloom! The exhilaration of running under the trees is very popular with the participants! Also held during the marathon is a flower festival! Make sure that you arrive early! Presents such as flower seeds and clam soup are given to the early birds! (Source: