Date: Dec 4(Mon) – 10(Sun), 2017
Hours: 11am–8pm (Mon-Sat), 12pm–7pm (Sunday)
Address: Blue in Green, 8 Greene Street 2F, New York, NY 10013
Showcase: Fukuoka Sekiso Kougei Garasu (Fukuoka multiple layer glassworks), Magoji-dako (Magoji Kites), Hakataori (Hakataori Textiles), Imajuku Ningyo (Imajuku Dolls), Koishiwara Yaki (Koishiwara Pottery), Ichinoseyaki (Ichinose Pottery), Yame Sudare (Yame Bamboo Screens), Kurume Kasuri (Kurume Kasuri Textiles), Okawa Kumiko (Okawa Lattice work), Okawa Sokiri Tansu (Okawa paulownia chests of drawers), 20 companies will be attending and 75 items will be showcased.
Phone: 212.680.0555

FUKUOKA Traditional Crafts

Fukuoka Prefecture will sell Fukuoka’s traditional crafts for test marketing from December 4 in the SoHo area of New York, USA, where luxury brand stores and restaurants gather and are crowded with many shoppers.

This test marketing is the first attempt, and the purpose is to disseminate the wonderfulness and appeal of various traditional crafts in Fukuoka prefecture to foreign countries, and it is aimed for traditional craftsmen to see and hear the reaction of foreign consumers directly and lead to the development of new products of traditional crafts.

For more information, please download PDF file here.