The competition received a total of 48 entries 8 countries. As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, four Special Company Awards, three Special Awards, three Fukuoka Innovator Awards, and two New Face Awards were given.
  • Grand Prize:
  • Development of “siren”, a script environment for calculating 3D geometry. Daisuke Yamaguchi (Nagasaki)
    A 3D Modeling and Analysis System which merges Ruby and Open CASCADE.
    Operates IGES and STL, capable of not only basic geometry but also difficult calculations such as area, capacity, center of gravity, intersection, Boolean operations and curved meshing. Extremely scalable, and able to handle difficult processing via simple commands.
  • Outstanding Performance Awards:
  • fastlanefastlane Felix Krause (U.S.A.)
    fastlane is a set of Ruby open source command line tools for iOS and Android App developers. It allows developers to completely automate the submission process to the App Store by specifying their deployment using an innovative Ruby DSL.
  • voltVolt Ryan Stout (U.S.A.)
    Volt is a reactive web framework where your Ruby code runs both on the server and in the browser (via Opal.) With Volt, applications are built using a single framework. Code is shared between the client and server. Volt provides reactive DOM bindings, model syncing, permissions, and database adapters.
  • AWS Award:
  •  i-EatSchool Lunch Industry Support System i – Eat Sofu System Co., Ltd. (Niigata)
    The School Lunch system “i-Eat” offers strong support for the work of school nutritionists creating school lunches, from menu preparation and food procurement to result management. By lessening the work involved in “menu preparation”, we can shift the industry to “food education”.
  • Paperboy Award:
  • rhebokRhebok Masahiro Nagano (Kanagawa)
    Rhebok is a Rack Server which offers twice the performance of Unicorn. Along with fast HTTP request operations and effective network IO, it also offers a range of practical functions like hot deployment.
  • Heroku Award:
  • IIJ GIO Award:
  • PushTrackerPushTracker: A behavior tracking Push Notification ASP Service Appirits Inc. (Tokyo)
    A push notification ASP which tracks the in-app behavior of app users, and is able to send not simple notifications but behavior targeting notifications. Can also track post-notification in-app behavior to analysis and improve effectiveness.
  • Special Awards:
  • COSMOSCOSMOS Ball Aerospace (U.S.A.)
    Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides a user interface for sending commands to and receiving data from embedded systems. A set of 15 applications provide Telemetry Display, Telemetry Graphing, Operational and Test Scripting, Command Sending, Logging, Log File Playback, Table Management, and more. Control anything from a satellite to a Raspberry Pi!
  • mruby-climruby-cli Zachary Scott, Terence Lee (U.S.A.)
    mruby-cli is a platform to build native command line applications for Linux, Windows, and OS X. It provides the tools necessary for building a standalone binary of your application from any machine. Take advantage of the power of Ruby without the cross-platform dependency headaches that go with it.
  • Qr8Qr8 Qurate Inc. (Fukuoka)
    Qr8 is a next generation back end application development platform which provides both content creation and curation. Provides back end support of web and native applications, and also supports SNS.
  • Fukuoka Innovator Awards:
The following were selected for promising efforts that contribute to the spread of Ruby in Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • awspec Kenichiro Oyama (Fukuoka)
  • New Face Awards: