Monthly Archives: November 2014

ROHM Produces Strawberries at Semiconductor Factory

November 26th, 2014|

ROHM Semiconductor has begun producing strawberries using light-emitting diode (LED) te […]

Kao Pao Shu Collaborates with Hakata-ori Artists

November 20th, 2014|

Kao Pao Shu, based in Los Angeles County, has launched a limited line of bags designed […]

Vietnam Airlines Increases Fukuoka-Hanoi Flights

November 14th, 2014|

Vietnam Airlines has decided to increase the number of flights between Fukuoka and Hano […]

Special Kyushu Expressway Passes Now Available for Tourists

November 10th, 2014|

The West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. has announced a special all-you-can-drive pass for […]

Kyutech Plans Small Satellite Launch Next Year

November 6th, 2014|

A small satellite currently under development by the Kyushu Institute of Technology is […]

Sweden Selects Fukuoka for Tokyo Olympics Training

November 3rd, 2014|

The Swedish Olympic Committee has selected Fukuoka City as the location of its athlete […]